Page list - before the release of version 9.2

Prior to the release of version 9.2
I don’t know if I made it in time before the release, but - “Page List” block in Atomik does not honor the settings set in the block settings - e.g. date - which I would like to hide - I think it shouldn’t work like that

I think it would be good to fix it

Yeah here is where the template lives, looks like it’s doing this to render the pages:

defined('C5_EXECUTE') or die('Access Denied.');

use Concrete\Core\Summary\Template\Renderer;

$c = Page::getCurrentPage();
$renderer = app(Renderer::class);

if (isset($pageListTitle) && $pageListTitle) {
    <div class="ccm-block-page-list-header">
        <<?php echo $titleFormat; ?>><?php echo h($pageListTitle) ?></<?php echo $titleFormat; ?>>
} ?>

<div class="container">
    <div class="row gx-7">
    <?php foreach ($pages as $page) { ?>

        <div class="col-lg-4 col-md-6 mb-5">
            $renderer->renderSummaryForObject($page, 'blog_entry_card');

    <?php } ?>

<?php if ($showPagination) { ?>
    <?php echo $pagination; ?>
<?php } ?>

So I’m not sure if that manner of rendering the pages takes into account the Page List block settings - seems like not. So probably worth opening an issue for:

I submitted.
ps. Do you think there is a chance it will come out with 9.2?

Re: releasing with 9.2, it depends on a few factors like how big of a change it is, how much it touches, and effort of implementation. I know that the release is coming up soon, so timing plays into that as well. We’ll have to see, I personally don’t know.

So we have to wait for it

@ampersand the template is located at:


where we rely on the renderSummaryForObject() method to give us the page info. Not something simple to fix quickly. I personally don’t like this template, as if you have pages that aren’t blog entries you also end up with dead spots in your list. I’ve gone ahead and pulled all relevant styling and html from the core display and have some ideas for templates. Link with me via PM and we can chat about it!

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@enlil what you did in your add-on should embarrass the guys from Portland (@EvanCooper ) - it’s a bit too much for the basic version, but in general, this is how the flexibility of this and other modules/blocks should look like.

Portland ConcreteCMS Team (@frz …), I hope you take lessons from this.

@ampersand Appreciate the feedback. I guess you like my block?? :rofl:

Believe me, there’s constantly more to be desired and bettered in what I’ve built. Whether it’s adding some bootstrap styling to the description text in the template I created for your demonstration, or fixing the huge “current level” location bugs I discovered after I sent you a .zip. (find an updated zip at the download location I provided that has these fixed. Just drop the files in, no need for a dashboard update…).

Never an embarrassing moment for anyone around here. Only learning experiences :slight_smile: Had @frz and @andrew never had their vision so many years ago we wouldn’t be having this conversation. Shout out to them! Without them, I have no page list object to dump all my crazy thinking into :muscle:

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@enlil Of course I like your add-on, that’s how it should work page list.
I sent you info on priv