Page List Block - Options NOT working

Using 9.2.4 and default ATOMIK theme.
In the ‘Output’ options for the page list block, you have:

  • Include Page Name
  • Include Page Description
  • Include Public Page Date
  • Display Thumbnail Image

I’m having these problems. If I ‘turn off’ all these options it still displays the ‘page name’ and a huge thumbnail, however if I turn on ‘public page’ date nothing shows?
Its like these options don’t have any effect!
Would love to know if i can reduce the thubmain size?
Would also love to know if you can control the way is shows the list, as it’s not vertical just random?

Anyone else noticing this please?

My guess is you’re using the blog entry grid template. This works off an internal template that isn’t as simple as creating custom block templates. You’ll also notice if you try to include a page that doesn’t have a thumbnail attached, it wont show in the list at all. Just an empty space in the list… Those templates and how they work remain a bit of a mystery to me, as far as end user friendliness. If you’re interested in a no nonsense solution, my Enlil Page List package will amaze, and has an array of entry grid style templates to suit your needs. Private message me if you have any questions…

Yeah the Blog List Entry template should definitely honor the settings in the Page List block - if you can submit an issue for that here that would be helpful towards getting it fixed in a future version:

You should be able to sort order with the sort option, that appears to work:

Is the page list template you are using the Blog List Entry template? I ask because the thing I’m not experiencing is the public date option making things not show up - setting it on or off makes no difference for me with the the Blog List Entry template applied to the Page List block.

@EvanCooper @deanhawthorn I was uncertain about that statement as well. The Blog Entry Grid template calls the hard coded blog_entry_card summary template. NONE of the options have any effect against what is coded in the summary template. Templating the entry grid template requires the custom template itself, and the creation of a new summary template that’s hardwired every time an option changes. This is not ideal. Hence why I pulled the appropriate code from within the core and created simple templates that abide by all block options in my package… The summary templates are a great idea, but in this case simple long time core functionality (that which users have come to expect) is all but working correctly…