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I’ve created a website using Concrete5 version 8.2.1 and it’s all working as expected except for a single page. The site is at

Yesterday I created the pages titled Testimonials, Blog and Media. The first two are fine but the Media page does not scroll on most devices I’ve tried it on. As far as I know I created them all in exactly the same way and with the same template. I’ve deleted and recreated the Media page many times, cleared the cache and tried different page types. I don’t see anything I did that should effect the scrolling behaviour. However if I view the page using the Mobile Preview no scrolling occurs for any device or screen orientation. All of my other pages show a scroll bar at the right of the mobile preview screen. Here’s the Media page and Blog page mobile previews for comparision:

I’m not a web coder so I’d appreciate a simple explanation or fix for this please.

Thanks for reading this.


Hi There,

Your media page has a class added to the body tag called “media” this is being picked up by the CSS in bootsrap.css which has a class called “media” that has overflow hidden applied to it, hence the page not scrolling.

.media-body {
  zoom: 1;
  overflow: hidden;

If you rename the class on the body tag i.e “media-page” that issue should go away.

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Thanks a million David @VidalThemes !!

Well spotted! I deleted the media page and created a new one called “Press” and it works perfectly now. I really appreciate your quick response.

All the best,

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No worries :grinning:

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