Page Type Permissions appear to get overriden

I have Concrete Version 9.2.4 and PHP 8.1 installed
I have Advanced Permissions enabled, I want to use Page Type permissions to set permissions for our page types. I added my “Editors” group to the “Edit Contents” permission on all of our page types. When I logged in as the user that only belongs to the “Editors” group, I wasn’t able to edit any pages on the site.

I took it one step further and added the “Editors” group to the “Edit Contents” permission under Home Page permissions and that allowed editing of the pages on the site for that user.

So it appears that Page Type Permissions are being overriden by Site Map Home Page permissions. I noticed that the Home Page “Assign Permissions” setting is set to Manually, but there is another selection of “From Page Type Defaults”, however, when I select that setting and save it, it goes back to Manually.
Any help you can provide would be much appreciated. @joaquinvaldez

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