Page Type Setup Problem after upgrade from V9.1.3 to V9.2.6

Hi There,
While testing out V9.2.6 functionality under PHP 8.3.3 after upgrading from v9.1.3 (PHP 7.4), when you try to create a new Page Type with Allowed Page Templates set to “Selected Page Templates” the drop down list to select a specific template (like Right Sidebar, Left Sidebar, Full, etc) does not appear. Only the label “Page Templates” appears. No errors are reported in the logs and when I go into Dashboard/Pages & Themes/Page Templates - all the standard templates (as listed above) appear. I downloaded a fresh install of Concrete V9.2.6 with the Elemental theme and found no problem (as in our Production V9.1.3 environment). Can anyone think of what might have gone wrong with the upgrade to see this kind of issue ? Thanks & regards, Jeff.

Further to this issue (having redone the upgrade a couple of times) that changing the updates sub directory name from concrete-cms-9.2.6 to concrete-cms (and making the config change to application/config/update.php) that the Page Templates drop-down field disappears. As soon as I reverted back to using the version specific updates directory name, the issue was resolved. This is something that should be fixed for security reasons, given that this updates directory name is displayed via browser “view source”
Regards, Jeff.
PS There is a similar problem with the Default Time Zone drop down box disappearing under Dashboard/System & Settings/Basics/Time Zone - if the default version specific updates sub directory name is not configured.

Hi Jeff,

Just to confirm are all your environments in PHP 8.3.3?

It might be good to break up these paragraphs a bit for readability going forward, thx.

Hi Evan,

Just to confirm:

  1. In Production we are running V9.1.3 under PHP 7.4 configured with updates/concrete-cms structure. No problems creating new Page types with with Allowed Page Templates set to “Selected Page Templates”.
  2. In our Test Environment we are running v9.2.7 (was 9.2.6) under PHP 8.3.3. We need to use the default updates/concrete-cms-9.2.7 structure in order to create a new Page Type with Allowed Page Templates set to “Selected Page Templates”.


Hmm not sure why you would be running into that issue - you might test it dialing down to PHP 8.2 (I imagine 8.3 is fine but it’s not on the system requirements page yet so who knows might be a quirk there).

Otherwise it might be worth checking if you have the correct permissions set on the updates directory in the test environment, and also checking out a test site here to see if the problem also exists there. Get a Site :: Concrete CMS Community