Page URLs with hyphens are not transformed correctly into page classes (9.2.1)

Before I create a GitHub ticket, I would like to ask if this is a known or unknown bug or if I’m simply missing something:

It is useful to have the name of a page reflected as CSS class in the main container in the HTML source code. Unfortunately, this doesn’t seem to work with hyphenated page urls.


results in

<div class="ccm-page ccm-page-id-290 page-type-page page-template-main my page name">

instead of

<div class="ccm-page ccm-page-id-290 page-type-page page-template-main my-page-name">

How are you outputting this? I don’t think it’s default Concrete behavior to output the page name as a class on the wrapper div in a theme.

I’m seeing this on all sites that I created so far with version 9.2.1.

As said, no problem if the page name is just one word.

Can’t you reproduce this?

I should add, this affects the body tag, not a div container as shown above.

I have to correct myself, the page name is added as a class to the ccm-page container, not the body tag.
A page with the name “What we do” is reflected as three additional classes: what we do. So in order to be able to use it, we have to combine it as - it would be easier if it would be .what-we-do out of the box.