Paid content/Subscription/Membship Addon

Hello Team,

We are looking for a Paid content/Subscription/Membership addon so that users have to pay for the premium content over the website. We have a lot of content over the website and we will filter out the free content and premium content. The feature we require is to get access to the premium content they need to pay. Payment can be daily/weekly/monthly or so on. They can do it on a one-time payment or reoccurring basis. So do you guys have any addon which can have this functionality or similar functionality?

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Hi Parth,
I use community store to manage payments for our local softball leagues. Take a look here:


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Hi @parth0072
Probably check this addon out: eCommerce with Snipcart - Memberships - concrete5
Community Store that @jessicadunbar mentioned is a great tool for products or membership fees. But does nothing with content subscriptions. The same autor (mesuva) made this other integration with snipcart. Probably check this out or get in touch with him about that.
best regards, Roland

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I should also add that the Payments with Stripe add-on also handles creating memberships automatically. This one doesn’t require a monthly payment (unlike Snipcart, which does). I’d probably recommend this over Snipcart Memberships if you don’t need an actual ‘cart’, and just want a simple way for a customer to place a transaction and end up with an account.

The three options mentioned so far, Community Store, Snipcart and Stripe, all handle one-off payments, that create member accounts, applying one or more user groups. Since user groups can have timed access (you can configure a group to automatically remove a user from it after a period of time), you can with a lot of flexibility create timed access to protected content on your site. We’ve done this several times on sites with ongoing success, and Concrete CMS is fantastic for the level of control it provides.

What I should emphasise though that these options are not recurring payments - they don’t do automatic monthly/yearly charging. That’s quite a different style of processing, and requires a different approach (tracking subscriptions, handling failed cards, etc).

If you can manage it where you just offer one-time payments, I’d recommend this, as it makes the overall setup and process a lot easier to handle. You avoid customers complaining about being billed unexpectedly, you don’t have to worry about expiring cards and removing access, and you don’t have to worry about creating receipts for each recurring payment - the customer is in control of each payment, and they simply pay after their access has lapsed.

Using advanced permissions, you can do some tricks like show a prompt when someone logs in after their membership has expired. As permissions can be applied to individual blocks, you can do something like have a membership landing page display a block with some content ‘Sorry, you membership has lapsed, you can purchase further access by…’ message. You could even use such a permission on a ‘product’ block, immediately showing what button to hit to do a renewal of their access.


Thank you everyone for your suggestions. Parth is our webmaster and posted the original question. We see the existing add-ons for content membership either do not support the latest version of ConcreteCMS or do not appear to work with reoccurring payments. It appears we may need to hire a developer to build this add-on for us with all the features we would like to see in such an add-on. If anyone is interested in building a great content subscription add-on, please reach out to us. Here’s a description in Google Docs of what we need the add-on to do:

Have you looked at

Thanks for the link to the Stripe Subscription add-on. It looks like that it takes payments using Stripe and can direct you to a page, but does not seem to do exactly what we need it to do such as allow access to selected pages throughout our site. Since I’m not getting much interest for this job here, I suppose I will post the job on Upwork.

Does anyone have any ideal about how long an average developer would take to build this app as specified in our Google Doc with all the included features? Knowing that would allow us to specify a reasonable budget for the job.

All the addons noted above can add a user to a group on payment/checkout. That allows you to set group permissions on pages and hence only show specific pages to those who have subscribed to those page.

For your job advert, I suggest you start a new thread. Your call for developers is currently buried towards the end of a thread about marketplace addons. You will likely also receive more attention once the weekend is over.

Hello John,

Thanks for providing the information, we think this is the best suitable addon we can use for our requirement.

But now we are facing another issue with Cloudflare and Ezoic where we are not able to log in at the back end.

The complete issue is described at Membership site and Cloudflare

Can you please provide your insights on the issue

Others have more expertise in that area than I do. I usually just input the CDN proxy IP addresses and it all works.

I don’t know much and I am a beginner. I suggest that you consider the idea of separating your free and paid content into 2 separate websites. While that might seem like a lot of work now, my imagination is that in the long run, having 2 separates, one for free content and one for paid content, will make things easier, require less work, and remove many concerns. While ConcreteCMS does have page permissions, assumptions about how those page permissions options should work may not match the unexpected reality of what happens. Having 2 separate websites eliminates some of the concern and tedious work about page permissions.

I am in the planning stages of an online course, and copied everything to a second website, so that I can fully separate the paid course from the rest of the website. Having a distinct, separate website for paid content has fully eliminated a tremendous amount of work and concern, about viewing permissions of individual webpages. Those concerns instantly vanished when I created the separate website for the paid content.

Also, I suggest you again consider the experts’ reports about avoiding recurring payments. Recurring payments are currently not easy to implement. While the idea of recurring payments sounds fabulous for your bank account, the enormous amount of work required may not be enough to justify recurring payments. Maybe you can begin with one-off payments, and later go into recurring payments.