Paid for Add-on, Money taken, no add-on given in return

On the 4th of December, I bought an upgrade to the Formidable add-on. The money was taken out of my PayPal account, but nothing shows in my ConcreteCMS transactions, and no license was given to me.
What do I do? Who and how do I contact someone to fix the problem? I have been in contact with the plug-in developer and he can’t do anything as nothing shows in his information either.
This seems to be a case of the Marketplace didn’t finish or allocate the transaction.

You need to contact Portland Labs. The contact form is at Contact Us :: Concrete CMS. Probably the everything else section. Or maybe sales.

This same thing happened to me, I reached out using the Contact Us form an they had it resolved in less than a day.

I have sent them a couple a couple of emails to as mentioned to do somewhere on the website. Haven’t had a response. Guess I’ll try and find the Contact Us page and try that.

Got onto them via the Contact Us page and issue was fixed quickly.

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