Panoramic/360 images in C5?

Has anyone been able to get panoramic and/or 360 degree images to display nicely in Concrete5?

I have a series of pano images I shot on my Samsung Galaxy that are not true 360. It would be nice to display them in a limited drag-to-pan viewer (only pan as far as the edge of the image and not “wrap”… but I’d settle for a solution that wraps at this point), maybe with zooming capabilities. I’ve tried to upload them to Momento360, Raven, and a few others (they all seem to wrap the image, which is not optimal, but also did not seem to work in C5). I also tried implementing some of the Javascript libraries like Panolens and Pannellum, and I couldn’t get any of them to play nice within a C5 content block.

Is there a solution out there that I’m missing? Anyone have decent pano images on their C5 site?


I’ve used this on Concrete sites in the past (granted it’s been a while but I imagine it still works decently well):

You can try kuula it has an iframe you can add or gimp has a 360 function