Per user/group products and pricing


I am fairly new to Concrete5 and I am trying to set up a shop where different products and pricing are shown depending on who is logged in. I have three main categories:

  1. Items for guests. Some of these should only be shown to guests, not OEMs.

  2. Items for most OEMs. These have different pricing and options compared to guests.

  3. Items for a few OEMs with special pricing. The special pricing only affects a couple of products, not an overall discount.

One option appears to be to use product groups but I don’t see how to associate product groups with user groups. The other option I can see it to use page permissions and simply display different product pages. The issue there is that I can’t see how to hide guest pages from logged in users.

Any pointers or help would be greatly appreciated.

There’s not really a way to associate product groups with user groups (or at least, there isn’t currently). What you’d do is use those product groups to be able to output different filtered lists of products, and then use permissions to show/hide the blocks based on the user.

There is a way to hide guest pages from logged in users, with advanced permissions on you add ‘Registered Users’ to the 'excluded list, like this:

You could do that on the page level, but I’d suggest you’d apply the same permissions to a Product List block, the one that lists the products available to guests only.

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Thanks. I didn’t have advanced permissions enabled. I’ll enable them and have a play.