Permissions - advanced but also simple

Apart from that, the information on how to set them up is scattered all over the site and there is no one way to set them up to make them work like in the movies.
However, several sensitive issues arise.
I went through the guides and the movie several times - I couldn’t set up such a workflow as in the movie about

I may not be smart enough.
However, I was able to find a strange behavior

If member “Writer/Editor” gets access to some blocks - he can place them anywhere within the granted access on the site, e.g. in the footer

He can also modify the appearance of blocks, areas, layouts

I understand that this can be turned off on many levels, but shouldn’t it be turned off by design? This seems a more reasonable solution.

In my humble opinion, the “permissions” documentation should definitely be reviewed and supplemented with details.

ps. Maybe it works as it should and I just don’t understand it, if there is someone in the group who can help me understand it, I will be grateful. (we can even write a tutorial after this).

Another point is if a visitor can see the content of the page does that mean the admin or other logged in user can too?
I have a block with no access changes that is visible to “Guest” but not visible to writer/editor

Hi @ampersand - I’ve read through this and I’ll get back to you on the permissions doc question but I did want to answer one part of this.

So “Guest” and “Registered User” are kind of pseudo-groups. That said, if you set the “View” permission to guest, all groups (and admins) can see it - it doesn’t mean strictly for guest and no one else.

I’ll take a look at this vid and see if I can find any snags.

I have a block that is visible to “Guest” but not visible to writers/editors, who by definition are logged in.



same permissions as other blocks

Got it - so is that a custom block or a template? I feel like the editor folks should be able to see it.

If you add the editors group to that blocks view permission explicitly, does it show up for them?

Is a custom block, and only shows the header - I’ll let the author know about it.
I checked the exclusion of another block and it works fine.
So one problem is potentially solved. :slight_smile:

@EvanCooper I checked it again on a clean version of 9.2.
The problem may be in the updated version, in the clean install version this external block is visible.

Logged in as Writer with minimal permission

btw. @enlil amazing block