Permissions not working right, 9.0.1 and 9.0.2 (again?)


Permissions seem to not work quite right… or there’s a complexity I just don’t understand.

Since the page selection button (this button: foo) is really the sitemap flat view, I figured that to give a registered user permissions to create a new page, I needed to give them permissions in two places:

  • The dashboard, check “Registered Users” under “Who can view this page?”
  • The top page (“Home”), check “Registered Users” under both “Who can view this page?” and “Who can edit this page?”

Alas, after these changes, there’s still no page selection button for the non-admin user, even though it gets the control panel button. When going to “Sitemap”, though, it only shows “You do not have access to the sitemap.”

I don’t understand what more I have to do to give non-admin users access to the sitemap, and to be able to create new pages.

Please advise.


@levitte Make sure the users have permissions to view sitemap at /dashboard/system/permissions/tasks/

Argh! I mean thanks :wink:

That one seems to constantly bite me…

That turned out not to be enough either. I also had to go to /dashboard/pages/types and turn on the permission “Add Pages of This Type”