Permissions - what am I doing wrong

I set everything according to this scattered information, I even go back to a video from 7 years ago.

It does not work.
What am I missing that you didn’t list, it shouldn’t be that complicated, not to mention the video from a month ago where it works great but on @frz computer.

How can I achieve that?

As I wrote on youtube channel, to make it less brutal.

Is there anyone here who set it up, or is nobody reacting because they haven’t used it and generally don’t care?

It shouldn’t be that complicated - can someone explain it?

Thank you very much and I hope someone will answer.

@frz or someone from the Portland Team if you could explain to me how it works, I will create a guide with your help so that there will be no posts like this.

@ampersand the workflow shown in that video is basically the same as this tutorial: Basic Workflow Full Working Example :: Concrete CMS

What specific issues are you running into?

@Myq if we take this video as a sneak peek, then I have to agree with you.
Workflow is the same, how to reproduce that - not at all.

And to be honest, recreating this from the tutorial is also problematic and I don’t know what is the reason anymore, whether it’s version 9.2 or something in general with 9x - I’m currently trying on a clean 9.1.3 and I encounter a lot of strange behavior.

  • no permission to publish
  • the ability to mix within sitemaps - despite the lack of permissions
  • automatic publication of the version approved by the editor
  • workflow disconnection

these are just a few examples

Maybe you, as the author of this guide, can help me. Can you?

@ampersand without a specific issue, it’s almost impossible to help. There are many steps and settings in that tutorial, so it would help to describe one issue at a time and specify which settings, permissions, and groups you have set up related to the issue.

@Myq what can I say?
I have pointed out some problems above.
Fortunately, part of it disappeared when I focused only on your tutorial, (as I wrote before, this video is a joyful creation that does not add value, because without showing the settings it just confuses)
Unfortunately, I still encounter some problems, so I wrote to you in private.
Let me know if what I suggest is possible.

Regards Marcin