:grinning:Hello. I request help with permissions.

“Your concrete5 site does not use the simple permissions model. You must change your permissions for each specific page and content area.”

Inside an individual webpage’s permissions area, there’s nothing to click on to create a new permission.

Inside the members section of the dashboard, I created some group sets. Each individual group set contains its own groups. When trying to assign page permissions, I cannot see group sets, groups, or individuals users.

When establishing and editing permissions, I would like to be able to see and select group sets and groups. Currently, I am not able to do that.

I cannot see anything to click on to activate permission.

Also, I created a user, with a username and password, and added that new member, and then I logged out. When I tried to login as the user, I was given this message:

403 Error You are not allowed to access this page.

It sounds like Advanced Permissions are enabled:
This may help:

I purposefully chose Advanced Permissions, due to groups of users, who are limited in their page views. I could not figure out how to limit the page view permissions of user groups, so the website was duplicated, so that users now have their own little separate website. What is going on now is that I am unable to connect the duplicated website to the ConcreteCMS Community. Inside my ConcreteCMS account at the project page, everything looks great, as if the duplicated website is fully connected. I repeatedly logout and login. However, inside the dashboard of the duplicated website, I continually receive this message:

The base URL of your site does not match a registered instance of the site. Please click below to authenticate your site again.

I don’t know how to fix it.

Sounds like there are a couple of issues here. You might want to work directly with a developer because it sounds like there’s a lot going on here.

First of all, there are a few tutorials on how to set up permissions for groups of users:

Second, it sounds like you have changed some permissions and now you are having difficulty accessing some parts of your website. If you log in as the superadmin (often with the admin username; it’s the first account you create when you install Concrete CMS), you should be able to access everything. There are no permission checks for the superadmin.

Finally, it sounds like you are having trouble connecting sites to your project pages. You will need to add the domains to the project. Log in to your community account and find the project here: