Php8 ready marketplace flags

I’m simmering a Page Listing Package for the marketplace. Currently running through making it php8 compatible. Looking good, when I notice issue with the marketplace. I downloaded a package that is listed as v9 compatible, which installs a couple page attributes for testing my page list, but it does not install correctly if running on php8. Should there not be marketplace flags, not only for Concrete v9 compat, but also for php8 compat? A package can be v9 ready on php7, but not php8…

Concrete 5.9 is not fully php8-ready itself or at least it wasn’t in 9.0.1. Many core blocks required fixing. Though I agree, php8-compatibility tag in marketplace would be nice in future.

Those core php8 issues have been getting fixed on a regular basis recently… :slight_smile: