PHPStorm ingteraction with Firefox

I cannot get Firefox to work interactively with PHPStorm. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
I thought I would try a more advanced tool to help with development and understanding of concrete5, and PHPStorm seems to be a popular choice. So, I have installed version 2023.1.1 of PHPStorm, version 3.1.2 of xdebug and xdebug helper version 1.0.6 in Firefox.

I am running Apache2 with PHP 8.1 on Linux Mint 2.1.1.

My problem is getting them all to talk to each other. PHPStorm works. I run php scripts within it and follow class hierachies insert breakpoints etc. I can click on the Firefox icon in PHPStorm and the browser starts and executes the script in its entirety I.E. ignoring the breakpoints. I have the little bug on the bar for Fireox and set that to Debug. I have PHPStorm set to listen for Debug Connections. What have I got wrong/missed?

I have attached various images from my installation:-

Phpinfo extract showing Zend and xdebug settings.

PHPStorm Debugger and Deployment settings.

The additions for xdebug that I have appended to the php.ini file.

Firefox xdebug helper preferences.

Phpstorm’s run popout window showing that Listening has been selected.

xdebug phpini addition