Posting to marketing tool when user registers on site


Just looking to bounce some ideas of people really.

I have been asked to integrate a mailing list service sign up into the site registration form. Are there any nifty helpers in the core I can utilise? Any ideas on the the best way to do this?

The marketing platform has an API I can post to.

You could add an attribute for “Subscribe to Newsletter” and use an Event hook in your package controller to watch for on_user_add event and check to see if that attribute is checked and if it is do the API calls to sign them up on the 3rd party system.

TLDR: If you are doing the code and don’t have any other custom requirements for the Registration, then the solution suggested by @hutman will be the best and cheapest.

Form Controls and Handlers for custom Login and Registration forms are currently on my ideas list for Form Reform.

The second part, forward form results to a marketing tool would be a custom handler to insert into the form processing pipeline. Forwarding forms to external APIs is a common use and myself and others have already implemented several, so is a well understood development process.

If you have further custom development to do on the registration form, then the Form Reform approach may be better and would be more flexibly configurable in the future.

If I were personally implementing I would follow the Form Reform approach because it extends the toolkit.

Thank you both I will look into this and see what I end up using.