Preserve original JPG image on upload

Can I prevent the original image from being compressed by concrete cms during upload? I really appreciate the thumbnail function, when creating and responsive versions.

But sometimes you want the unmodified file, which was optimized exactly for its use before the upload. e.g. progressively optimized JPG’s for header images.

I’ve never had the problem, I modify and upload as a .webp or jpg image. Which cms version are you using?

Are you using the systems image Thumbnails system? If you are this will change the size and compression of the uploaded image. To avoid the thumbnail system I sometimes create a file set for images I want left at their original size and set the ‘Conditional Thumbnails’ setting for each of the thumbnail sizes to exclude images that are linked to that file set.

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I use the latest, current relaese of Concrete CMS 9.2.9 with the following settings:

In page_theme.php i have defined the following image set:

public function getThemeResponsiveImageMap()
		return [
			'xl' => '1200px',
			'lg' => '992px',
			'md' => '768px',
			'sm' => '576px',
			'xs' => '0',

But if I upload a progressiv JPEG with 2732 x 1406 (378 KB) px, I get a baseline JPEG 2732 x 1406 (363 KB) and an image from the thumbnailset orginial as baseline JPEG with 2732 x 1406 (399px). This means that both are processed on the server side.

I see and understand what you mean. As far as I am aware this isn’t an option within the CMS? One possible workaround is to upload the image file to an external folder hosted on a webserver and use the image’s external URL link using html or the html block? Not an ideal solution if you want to use this method for lots of images.

Thanks alot for your advice.