Prevent adding blocks to global footer area

C9.1.3 - Atomik Theme:
I’ve got a number of users who are permitted to do various tasks. One such user may edit the contents of one particuar block in the footer area - in column 4. There are 2 blocks in there and only one may be edited and I’ve set permissions so that is the case, however, they have the ability to add blocks, not only to that area but also to the other 3 footer areas (adding a block within the page is a function they ARE allowed) but why are they getting access to so much of the global area when the permissions say only Admins can do this?

Now this seems to be related to block and stack permissions where they’ve been granted permission to add a block (required, I think) to add a block anywhere. If I remove that right then the footer area is as I want but no longer are blocks displayed when they try to add a block to the page.

Is there another way to grant access to add a block?

I’m having a bit of a tough time following the geography of the footer you’re describing but I think I understand the issue.

I think without modifying the theme and setting the area itself to have controls turned off and having folks manage these global areas through the dashboard, you might have trouble locking down that area through the CMS interface.