Preview image running rampant

Anytime I open the media manager to get an image, the image preview gets a little frisky. Here is a shot of it staying even after selecting the image.

The after I close the block editing, it tends to bounce right over the part where I click to save and publish changes. It completely blocks it and does not let me click it. The temporary work-around I have been using is by clicking that small area that is visible where the page attributes button would be as the attributes page moves the save and publish to the bottom right of page where it is not blocked by preview image. This happening to anyone else? I am using Windows 11/Edge, everything up to date.

It would only let me put one image in the original post since I am new, so here is the shot of it blocking. It ALWAYS ends up there for some reason, no matter where the preview comes from.

Hi @bostoneventguide - that does seem funky - does that happen when you do it on a demo site here? If so it might be a core bug that would be good to report here.

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