Problem installing the Bedrock theme via npm

Can someone help me figure out what I’m overlooking with the process of installing the Bedrock theme using npm?

I’ve successfully completed the instructions for creating a framework for a new theme here:

Now, I’m following the instructions on this page:

This says, when I run

npm i @concretecms/bedrock

this will create a package.json and package-lock.jason file to direct npm to correctly install a copy of the theme in my environment.

When I run it, npm says,
npm WARN saveError ENOENT: no such file or directory, open [path-to-theme-files]/bedrock/package.json’

So evidently these files are not being created by running this command, at least in my case. I’m pretty sure this is something I’m missing.

Thanks for any insight anyone is willing to offer.

Been searching the docs… so far nothing to help there…

Resolved. I’ll just leave this here for others who might encounter this.

My development environment is a LAMP stack on Ubuntu 22. I’ve been using npm with my Laravel projects and haven’t experienced any issues there, but I’ve since upgraded Ubuntu and discovered the versions of nodejs and npm that installed from the default Ubuntu 22 software repository are pretty old. I upgraded both packages from alternate PPAs and that fixed this issue.

Looking forward to doing some playing now!

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@s2d thanks for sharing and documenting your process - like you said, it’s helpful for others in the future. Thx!