Problem with creating a package for automated task

I’m trying to build a package for a custom automated task following the tutorial starting here: Create a Package for Our Tasks :: Concrete CMS but hitting a snag whether it’s the actual task I’m trying to create or alternatively by following the documentation steps to a T to create the “clear log” task.

I tried the same steps on a 9.1.2 and a 9.2.1 installation.

When I get to the step of installing said packages in Create a Task :: Concrete CMS, well that still works. But when I try to open the Details for the installed package or list available tasks in /dashboard/system/automation/tasks, Concrete spits out a trace culminating in

“Driver [task_handle_name_here] not supported”

thrown in concrete/vendor/illuminate/support/Manager.php:80 and concrete/src/Support/Manager.php:39 respectively.

What am I missing, or is it just not in the documentation?

The list below is from some notes I made when converting my Extreme Clean addon to run in a Task. By far the most useful was the last from the folks in Japan.

Thanks, I’ll check them out.

Yep, user error. Dealing with the two controller files in the documentation, I managed to mix them up and make the two final additions before the installation step to the wrong file.

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