Problem with topic menu and redirect

Hi , in web site i have this problem
in page
menu topic don’t work , working if i go in link
the page /topic don’t exist
for solving the top menu link i have create under the page
a link /topic
and i have set in attribute page
Replace with First Child

so when i click in menù attività or english Activities
i’ redirect to /topic where menù topic show me the years of activity

but if i switch language form italy to english and english to italy

the page result isn’t it(en)/attivita/topic but it(en)/attivita
where menu topic don’t work

how can solving it?


Hi @bitit

If this is a page list being filtered by a topic, the multilingual switcher isn’t going to carry the filtration over because multilingual just maps pages to pages. Including the topic is actually a method being applied to the page.

That said, in your situation, I would recommend creating a page specifically for the filtered page list, if it is very important for people to land on it from a navigation link. That way multilingual would work well, and you could just make your page structure map to the different topics. This would be good for SEO as well.

Finally I would recommend enabling pagination for your page lists - setting them to just load everything makes page load times very long.

Hope that helps!

I Evan , thank you for your reply, for first i’m not first developer of this web site, and so i don’t know very well what have done the first developer

For better explaining
in the page
i’m not able to show menu with topic selection, in this case years of activity.

i have configured the activity in attribute page :

but don’t work;
and i aven’t found documentations about.

can you help me?