Problems with adding single page to newer concrete version

No file found to render template with handle “”
I am getting this error when trying to add a single page to my site.
I have read this documentation - Single Pages Overview

I have a test page at application/single_pages/test_page.php
I have also added the test_page to single pages through the dashboard and it says added successfully.
I have searched and found a few posts with this question but no answers… For some reason I believe the page works when switching to elemental theme but not the custom theme. I will also say that this site has been up and running for some time now and it is on version 8.5.4

Does your custom theme have a view.php in it? If not that is necessary.

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Thank you so much hutman, that was the problem. I copied the view.php from concrete elemental themes and it is showing up now. Can you point me in the direction of this view file in the documentation so I can see more about it? I am guessing it is a template for all single pages but then does the test_page.php override it?

Sorry for the late reply here. I don’t know where to find the documentation for this in the new documentation site, but here it is from the legacy documentation (under Special Pages) and the concept is roughly the same Template and Theme Engine :: Legacy Documentation

Basically the view.php wrappers all Page Types and Single Pages that are not defined within the theme, so it adds the header/footer/error messaging around those other pages.

So if you have a test_page.php as a Single Page it would use the view.php as the wrapper, if you created a test_page.php in the Theme to match your single page, then that would be used instead.