Product with the option to set the price by customer doesn't work

I came accross a weird behaviour of a product been set up as price to be entered by customer and a set default / minimum amount (£10.00), suggesting three different amounts (£20, £30, £50).
The product ( a voucher) is listed as it should and I can choose the suggested amounts as well as my own ones. So far so good.
Once I made my choice and it is put into the cart, I can only add more of the same amount.
So if I want to purchase two or more different vouchers that would end up with a wrong calculated total without notice!
Let’s say I choose £20 in the first attempt and after that want to add one £50 and one £60 voucher the cart says 3 x £20! and a total of £60 rather than £130!
Is this a bug or did I get something in the settings wrong?

concrete5 Version

Core Version - 8.5.6
Version Installed - 8.5.6
Database Version - 20210622145600

Database Information

Version: 10.3.25-MariaDB

concrete5 Packages

Afixia: SEO Redirects (1.1.3), Cloneamental (0.9.3), Community Store (2.4.2), Community Store Fulfilment Notifications (0.9.2), Easy Cookiebot (1.0), Noindex Before Launch (1.2), Open Graph Tags Lite (2.1.5), Simple Anchor (1.0.1), Stripe Checkout Payment Method (1.0.1), Terms of Service Attribute (0.1.2)

Thx again for any help or suggestion

This is effectively a bug, with no better explanation that this being a bit outside why the ability to enter custom prices was added in the first place.

If you added a required text entry field to the product, that would likely achieve the outcome you want in that the vouchers would appear separately in the cart. The problem is that you’re then asking the customer to enter something in.

(the original thinking was for something like a donation or an invoice payment, where you’d enter in an invoice number)

I’ll try to look into this soon, it may be a quick fix.

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Thank you very much mesuva!
I actually thought it was about donations and you then would only use the “product” once.
However it really would be great to use it for vouchers for different amounts without having to set up several different products.
I hope that wont cause too much trouble.
Very much appreciate you looking into that!

I believe I’ve come up with a fix for this.

You could try manually applying the changes as per this:

(and if it works well, just leave it in place and let me know, it’ll then be in the next release)

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Great stuff mesuva that worked a treat!
It does now work and for every possible choice it produces a new product but also allows to choose multiple numbers.
Thank you so much what a great support!