Profile area issues

There are currently no buttons/links/etc for a user to “cancel” or “return to profile” from the Profile Edit page.

One may expect to see a cancel button previous to making any edits and there isn’t one.

One may expect to be kicked back to the profile page, or see a link back to it, after saving edits. Neither happens.

Users are forced from there, to navigate to the user icon (upper right) and click on “My Profile” to return to it.

Also, at:

The “Buy eCommerce + two payment gateways and get 10% off!” example should be removed.

Anywhere or below, the logo top left of every page is linked to current page and not the homepage…

This is all helpful feedback, Enlil - thx! I’ve added these concerns to our list.

In the profiles not all the badges are clear what they actually are. They all have great alt tags, but it would be great if you added the same text added as “title” attributes so people can roll over and see what they all mean. The last three are completely unknown.

Can you just change or repeat the ‘alt’ in a ‘title’ tag, so we get browser tips on rollover?

From looking at the alt tags, all the ‘?’ badges appear to be a default graphic for badge graphics not carried across, such as PRB membership.

Will those graphics be repaired?

Hi all,

Yes, tracking on these issues - will let you know when they’re remedied. Thanks!

Just adding this here. When uploading a profile header image I expect the image to be centered horizontal and verticle. This issuu can be resolved by the following:

(add) position:relative;

.public-profile .profile-header-image img{
(change) height: 100%;
(add) object-fit: cover;

But maybe there is some idea behind the current code.

The badges should now identify themselves on hover. Thx!

The old verbiage re: eCommerce is removed from that section.