Proposals to Roadmap

I really like the new CMS release process. But at the same time, I wonder if it wouldn’t be nice to have more structure on the input page.

I would like to have a more organised place for proposals where the github ones are referenced. Where you can vote and prioritize them. And a roadmap will be arise out of it.

This not just for the community, also for the core team. So we can tell to the clients whats on going and around the corner. And we also know where we can support to get the community happy and further.

What are you thinking about that? Or do we have something like this already?

Some example Proposals from my site:

On the specific proposals:

  • I would definitely like to see the asset system extended (and some of the existing options documented)

  • I doubt if a move away from vue.js will happen. There has been too much investment in vue.js for v9. Looking at the Mozilla compatibility matrix, web components hasn’t reached 100% browser compatibility, so polyfills would be necessary.

  • Integrating an AI for meta tags sounds like a good way to feel the way into bringing AI into all kinds of CMS functionality. I seem to remember someone writing something about AI and page descriptions. This is the kind of thing that could be implemented in a package, at least initially.

Getting away from specifics and back to your main topic, some kind of organised roadmap gets my vote for all the reasons you have given. A roadmap would also help bring developers on-board for more involved development.

Hey appreciate your fast answer.

The discussion about the proposals will be in github the right place. i will try to open them there and inform you. So we can go further with it.

i think we need nothing fancy, maybe a description (see bellow) and some hacks will do it.

A good overview about all the proposals, bug, security issues. with an good priority mapping and ranking. which will fit in to a roadmap and future cycles of releases. Where we can also show which ones are under development (on which branch), which ones are already done and which ones are to expect in this cycle (or will be moved to next cycle [then we move it ;)])

I found this one Roadmap :: Concrete CMS - Org but it looks out of date (BTW also Town Hall, which is also sad:() and not in the navigation any more. Can we have it back as a documentation page?

something like this?

  1. Add your issue (proposal, bug) or Security Issues (check first if it is not already there, if so, give it an upvote)
  2. Discuss it on the issue, find contributors and get as much up votes as possible for it.
  3. The issues with the most upvotes go in the Roadmap and will be tracked on priority (top to bottom), release cycles and current state. This means it will be baked in. This will happen ones a month. The amount is done by the burn down rate on the roadmap.

I would love to see also the core stuff in this process? @andrew How do you see all of this?

What i don’t like, is that you need a github account for the voting. I think the Roadmap prioritizing thing needs to be done from the development community, this makes sense. But the voting should be done from all concrete-login community members. Also the guys who “just” use the CMS as an administrator. But the not more app thing is in my opinion more important then the new login thing on github for administrator

Further stuff on the topic :wink:

the Roadmap is coming from here: Announcing the GitHub public roadmap - The GitHub Blog

A other thing i found was this Customizing the roadmap layout - GitHub Docs
For my taste a bit too much, but maybe somebody has experience with it?

This would be a other voting system where we maybe could use the concrete-login for it: Issue Voting for github
But i like the idea not to involve to much other systems if not needed

I just realized, that in W3C GC we manly just discuss this stuff, and then the hacking is done by individuals out of the community. But the consensus (HAHA a hard topic at WebAssembly GC at the moment), but the consensus is done in the community with all at the meetings. Which in our case would be the upvotes and roadmap board.

Just found a good example of a solution: Fibers Public Roadmap - Meteor 3.0 · GitHub

@frz How does the core team feel about this topic? Would it be a topic for a next partner event? they are no longer there or are we just not invited :wink: Unfortunately I’m out of town until the beginning of March. But maybe that’s a good amount of time to prepare for the meeting. I can also prepare a subject to discuss from my statements above.
I think it’s important to have good guidelines and transparency about how the community can support and participate in the project. And with the new release cycles, everyone who does it can see how it works and is motivated. So we can show and track the journey from idea to stable live version.

And another topic I keep hearing about is the docs. I also see a lack of ToDo tracking there, so maybe we can build on the basics from above. And also the lack of reference to specific versions. So as soon as the roadmap meeting is held, that would be the next topic for a partner meeting.

Just as an aside: in Switzerland, we are seeing a lot of movement with “low code”, “no code” - this calls for campaigns around boards and express objects.