Question to user Shahroq about the Whale AddOn's

Hello everyone!
This topic is actually intended for the user Shahroq, but of course I’m also happy about an answer from everyone here.
I use the AddOn’s Whale Grid Gallery, Whale OWL Carousel and Whale Parallax Slider. I have a few questions about this:
1.) When will there be a version of these addons for the Concrete5 9.x version?
2.) Can one update older versions of these AO’s or does one not have to download the latest version and install it over it?
3.) With which version of Concrete5 and PHP are the current AO versions compatible?

Thank you in advance for an answer.

Hi @mendesknabepr - the best place to get answers for these questions would be the specific developers support forums for each addon. So for the OWL Carousel you would go here:

And for the others, you just find the addon listing in the marketplace, then find the “Get Help” button.

Hope that helps!

Hi Evan,
Thank you for your reply. Of course it helped. Thank you again and greetings from Portugal.