Random words are being appended to the beginning of my site URL

I recently upgraded my site from 8.5 to 9.1. Upgrade would crash once I tried to go to 9, even though I did it incrementally. I ended up creating a test site with and did a fresh install of version 9.1. I migrated my site xml over using the migration tool. When I went live with the test site, I deleted the old production site database, created a new database schema, and imported my test site data. I then renamed the folder (concrete application) of the production site to something else and renamed the test site folder to the live site name. My domain is kasonind.com. When I go to the site www.kasonind.com some of the links work fine, but some links append to the beginning. (ex. 2fwww.kasonind.com or secure.kasonind.com…) If I login as the admin all the links work fine. What is causing my URLS to be appended?

Take a look at your canonical URL settings in the URLs and Redirection page.
System & Settings > SEO & Statistics > URLs and Redirection.

I have similar problem on my shared hosting.
Although, in my case, those are URLs to thumbnail images generated using Image Helper.
URLs are being generated with mail., ftp. prefix and few other variations.

Problem occurs when caching is on.
Clearing cache/login as admin solves the problem.

I think it is related to hosting configuration and/or Concrete core code.
Maybe core code doesn’t take into account some unusual hosting configuration.
My hosting is based on FreeBSD, so maybe there is some odd configuration there.

Unfortunately, I do not have solution for you, except than changing hosting.
I just regularly run “Clear Cache” command using CRON (and thinking about switching server, but I am too lazy even for that:D).


This official documentation would be helpful to you.

Thank you Parasek. I thought I was going crazy.
Yes… That is mostly where I was seeing my issues was with the image helper. I too have also seen mail.kasonind.com. I have cleared the cache inside Concrete CMS multiple times but yet I still run into the issue. Weird thing is I am hosting the live site and test site on the same server. The old version of the site (8.5) had no issues with urls and the test site (9.1) had no issues. I only started seeing the issues once I pointed the live site to my test site data.

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