Re-connect to Community

Days ago, I duplicated a website. The duplicated website has its own ConcreteCMS project page and the webpages appear normal. However, inside the dashboard, when I click “extend concrete5”, I am given the message below. I don’t know what else I can do to make that message go away. Do you have any advice?

The base URL of your site does not match a registered instance of the site. Please click below to authenticate your site again.

Re-connect to Community

There are several forum threads on this.
In summary, community connection has glitched with the new community sites. There are some ways round it. There will also soon be v8.5.6 with fixes. Details in the other forum threads.

So if you hit the “Re-connect to Community” button it will give you instructions.

If the URL is different to the one you started out with you will have to go to this page

Find the project and add the new URL as shown in yellow on the site page.

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My web hosting company said:

Only the data and the database were copied, you would need to update the configuration from your end.

I tried this but I’m getting the same error. Any suggestions?

I am waiting until the version8.5.6 fix, mentioned by John the Fish.

Does the website URL match the URL in the project page?

I had this problem on 8.5.5, I was able to upgrade to 8.5.6 and it was much easier. I used to have to poke the ID and secret values into the database but now there are input fields for that. Way to go guys!

I think that right now there are a lot of bugs in ccms but there are a lot of good people working on it and once things are working smoothly this will be the wordpress killer we have all been hoping for.

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