Reconnecting my website to new community

I am using currently an old version of C5 connected to old community site.

When I try to connect to new community site to update this C5 version to 8.4.3 it says that I am not connected for updates nor add-on marketplace.
shows error … ‘Please check that curl and other required libraries are enabled.’

Has anyone else had same issue and can suggest how this may be fixed?

5.6.x cant work with 5.7 or 8.x. If you try and use any 5.7 or 8.x code on a 5.6 site, it will break.


My question is given this situation how do I upgrade the current CMS to the latest version. This always used to be possible.

If I cannot connect to the community site then I will have to reinstall the CMS, reinstall the website and then re-link to the community which feels really clunky, given the new community website could have been backward compatible.

Its a CMS thing rather than a community thing. You just happened to run into it while the community is moving to new infrastructure.

The best update you can do directly is That would enable you to continue running the site in the latest web servers. php7.4 etc.

If you want to get to 8.5.5, then you need to build a new site. There is no upgrade path beyond You may be able to help that along by exporting content from the 5.6 site and importing to the 8.5.5 site. However, unless you have 100s of pages, it is usually easier to just spend a day or two copy/pasting.

The other thing to bear in mind is which addons/theme/application code you need to use. In many case you will need to look for an equivalent.

Thanks John.

I will have to rebuild the site which is a pain but is doable.
If I configure a new database, install new v8 C5 and then export webpages from old site, do you know if I will be able to reinstall these pages into new site and then amend them? i.e. will the new version accept pages from the old site version? I am assuming Yes.

Basically the older version of c5 have a migration tool you can use to port pages to a fresh install.

There is an article on the C5 site somewhere about it. It does all depend on the add-ons you have but if the site is fairly basic there results can be very good.

I would be more than happy to help you set this all up.

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As @TMDesigns notes, there’s a tool designed to help in the process. I’ve used it quite a few times and it’s always worked smoothly (although it sometimes takes a few practice attempts to get all the mappings correct). Here are some details about it: 5.6 to 5.7 Migration Now Available! - concrete5

I just installed Concrete 8.5.5 and need to connect it to the new community. when I attempt to do so, I’m getting a message that I need 8.5.6 (which is still in pre-release) to be able to connect. The other option is to insert a couple of snippets of code into Config. I have no idea where Config is. I’m finding a number of folders, but no Config file. Please advise.

I think those snippets of code are in fact sql queries to be inserted into the Config table of the database.

You were spot on. I ran the scripts in PhPMyAdmin and that fixed the issue. Thanks!

Happy Days! I am glad I was able to assist.