Redirect error and Navigation menu missing


I have two problems with my new concrete5 website.

First my website is not visible in Google, when i asked Google to index my site, i got a “Redirect Error”. I sent google a sitemap but this did not work. Google did not give me any information to help me solve this problem. The only redirect i have on my site is that i have two languages: and with a multilingual set up and a switch language block on my site.

I tried to fix this error with having the english site out, trying to change the slugs which is not possbile for the home page, changing the attributes in the sitemap but nothing helped. The only thing that happen is that things got worse: the navigation menu disappeared on my site! Not in my admin but in real. I tried to get it back again with the attributes in the sitemap but nothing worked.

Can anyone help me with this problems?

Thanks in advance for reply,

Kind regards, E

From Google’s perspective, traffic to your site returns a 302 redirect then a 503 response code, so maybe it’s interpreting that as a redirect error?