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I know that referrals link tracking/karma has been broken for quite a while now (@myq) but what does the new referral link look like (if there even is one)?

In my case the old links forward to which returns a 404 not found error.

@jasteele12 Sorry for the late response. We still have karma points/badges, but the we are not using the old karma referral system. It stopped working sometime in 2018. We do have community awards, and points. Those should all show up in your profile

To what extent is the “Karma” even adding up at this point. I can see from some points within my account, be it somewhere in the PRB I don’t recall, I can see my karma still adding up, but looking at my new profile it’s stuck at the 106,xxx it was at when I logged in and migrated to the new site…

Just double checked and its on any “Review Pending” page in prb, where i can hover my user avatar and see karma has been adding up, but my profile does not reflect this.

Some of the points ended up decentralized like the forums. Profile - enlil - Concrete CMS
We do have have community points, I added some manually to your account. So I think it’s more of getting them to work together.
Karma :: Concrete CMS Community

Can you show me a screen shot? I want to make sure i’m looking at the right profile.

ah, sheesh, you didnt have to throw points at me. Jus curious, and pointing out stuff that I find not working :slight_smile:

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I needed to test. Plus your profile hacking story “installing Tank Wars and Tetris” you deserve more :rofl:

Hum Di Dum… :eyes: :rofl:

Here’s what I’m seeing…

in regards to the referral links, being that the referral karma is dead, setting up a redirect on to the homepage might be a good idea. I’m sure there’s still plenty of legacy sites out there currently pointing to a 404!

Yeah, I brought this up with @myq in 2018, but it has since disappeared into to SlackHOLE :frowning:


Thanks, Jess. I’ve been here over 10 years, so I know a little about it. I think referrals and social media has been falling apart for way too long…