Reindex Content Task

In 9.1.3 to run the Reindex Content Task I need to supply a pageID to start from. However I can’t see any easy way of getting the ID. I’ve modified the page list block to display it however there must be some more friendly way of getting PageID but I can’t find any. Also, I’m not clear as to how the index is refreshed. When I put in the PageID to start from does it go through all the pages, regardless of whether or not they have been changed, starting with the one specified? So,if I change my Home page,which hast he lowest number, would it go through all the pages? As far as I can see all that is needed is to go through all the changed pages since the last refresh which I assume is how it used to work when the index was updated in previous versions of Concrete.

You can get the page ID from the sitemap. Left click on the page in the tree, and select Attributes. The page ID will be displayed in the upper right corner.

The ‘After ID’ field is optional for the reindex content task. I usually leave that field empty, then select Pages for the ‘Object to reiindex’ field. I believe that will reindex all pages. Since I run this task once per day, I figure it best to reindex all pages.

Sorry, the page ID is displayed in the upper RIGHT corner of the Attributes view. Corrected in my initial response.

Thanks. I did look at the Attributes but only looked at the list not to the right! If I leave the Page iD blank it takes about four minutes to run. It just seemed to me to be a bit excessive when only a few changes have been made. I am also curious about how the index is updated if I put in a Page ID.

It’s easy to miss it. A shortcut is to just hover over any of the links in the page context menu and look at the cID parameter in the URL that displays in the bottom left of the browser.

I don’t know why it takes so long to index even small sites. I’ve experienced the same behavior. Maybe someone else knows or AEmbler can provide more info.