Relaunch my website with new theme

Having problems installing Concrete CMS?

Good day to all,

I have the following issue:
I want to build on an existing Concrete5 website, a new website (Also with different theme). That is to work on a relaunch. Unfortunately, I do not know how to do this without breaking my existing project. Can anyone help me with this and let me know the best way to go about it? Then after I build the new website with Concrete5, I want it to replace my current website and display on the newly created website. Thanks for your help.

Hi @AndySteiner -

I would probably clone the installation + database, and then work on the new theme in a separate location. Then, when I was ready to launch, I would incorporate any content changes that happened and then just point the domain to the new installation location.

Hope that helps!

Hi @Evan Cooper,

thank you very much for your message. I have no idea how this works with cloning yet. However I tried to download for example for test purposes The new Concrete 5 9.1.3. as zip. That has also worked. Then I unpacked it and wanted to upload it to the server with Fillzilla FTP. When uploading from the local computer to the server, Fillzilla keeps displaying messages where I can choose if I want to “skip” or “change” the file etc…

If I leave everything as it is and confirm only with the return key, I get error messages afterwards when calling…

How do I clone Concrete5 and the database correctly? Have I overlooked something? Thanks for your help and patience.

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So you would:

  • dump your database
  • zip / tar up your files
  • create a new database where the new site will live
  • import the database dump there
  • Copy in the files zip / tar and unzip / untar them
  • Change the application/config/database.php value to point to the new database with the correct credentials

And that should give you a clone of the existing site.

Hi @Evan Cooper,

I think I have managed that so far. Thanks for your tip and your energy.

However, now it is so that when I want to call the new web page in the browser, it redirects me again to the web page from which I have cloned. What setting do I still have to set here so that this works properly and I am no longer redirected?