Remove Built with Concrete 5 URL link on Atomik Skin

using C5 pretty sure it’s the newest version of Concrete5 8.2 using the Atomik Skin, having issue as I am required to remove the link Built with Concrete5 due to NYS DFS, mortgage broker site I can’t have a link to an unauthorized website. Any ideas i’m a hack and am a big fan of C5, but I can’t have the link to an unauthorized website, and hoping I don’t have to Reskin and start over. I do think my examiner is wrong as all sites normally have the link to the builder of the site. Any easy fixes that anyone knows I can’t find access to disable the link to that block as it is the built with and login.

A few ways you can address this.

a) Perfection. Create a new theme as a clone of Atomik. Edit the new theme footer.php to not show the link.

b) Hacky version of above. Edit the footer.php of Atomik to not show the link. This would need to be repeated each time you update the concrete core. [edit] Ignore this, do the equivalent override as @makalay suggests below.

c) Add some CSS to hide the link. It will be there, but on-one will see it.

d) Add some JavaScript to remove the link. It will be in the HTML downloaded, but removed before anyone can do anything with it.

e) Both (c) and (d)

f) Create a handler for a concrete event such as on_page_output in a /application or /package to strip the link just before the HTML is returned from the server.

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Actually the simplest and still full proof way is to:

  • Create a folder application\themes\atomik\elements
  • Put a file footer.php in it.
  • Copy what’s in the core Atomik’s theme equivalent file and paste it in your new file
  • Modify your new file to your liking
  • Empty Concrete’s cache

Your new Footer will now be used.

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Super Thank you! Examiner shot me down about leaving it so i’m attempting, i’m not the best at this but working on improving. Any tips before i probably crash my site, do i copy Atomiks theme from the current folder application\themes\atomic

I just noticed a gotcha with my solution.
There is another element footer_bottom.php that loads a local file main.js.
footer_bottom.php is loaded from inside footer.php and so when trying to load main.js it looks for it inside application\themes\atomik and fails to load it. As a result the menu doesn’t work.

You have 2 solutions.

You can either copy main.js from the original folder to the new one. Or you can copy footer_bottom.php from the original folder to the new one and modify this line

<script type="text/javascript" src="<?=$view->getThemePath()?>/main.js"></script>

to be

<script type="text/javascript" src="//"></script>

if you copy the whole atomik folder to the new location you will have to modify page_theme.php.
You can simply copy only the files you want to customize.