Removing Calendar Event

Somehow I managed to create and delete an event which is visible on page (Calendar and Event List blocks) but in the Dashboard it is not visible anymore. So I cannot edit it.

I think I made two identical Event (same name and date) then deleted other and now both are away from Dashboard Calendar listings (v8.5.7).

The event is recurring several dates and now one event date is postponed and should be romoved. I was looking for a place where the events are stored (via ftp) but didn’t find.

Can someone tell me how and where I can remove one of the event date or the whole recurring event?

Did you ever find a solution to this? Ran into the same thing.

No I didn’t. I have to create new events on the same days with cancelled headings…

Calendar(s) and calendar events are stored in your database, tables that begin with ‘Calendar’.


The data that creates an event may be stored in several of the tables and relate to each other by a unique eventID number (incremented integer ‘key’) that’s assigned when created, so I don’t think using the same name and date would have caused the problem. The name and date information only relate to the eventID.

One option you could try if you have a manageable number of events is to delete the entire calendar that contains the event, create a new calendar and add your events back into the new calendar.

If that doesn’t work…

I don’t recommend manually editing your database unless you know exactly what you’re doing. Removing or editing a single row or field in a relational database could cause immediate problems, or errors in the future.

  1. Make a good backup of your database
  2. Your webhosting may have a GUI option to check/repair your database (or via command line) If it’s an table retaliation/indexing problem, it may be able to identify it and repair the problem.
  3. Hire someone with ConcereteCMS expertise (that wouldn’t be me)
  4. Last resort, via command line or a database editor like phpMyAdmin

Testing with version 9.1.0, when an event is deleted via the ConcreteCMS backend, the event’s row is deleted from the ‘CalendarEventVersions’ and ‘CalendarEvents’ (related by eventID field) tables. It does not delete all related data in other Calendar tables like ‘CalendarEventOccurrences’.

Hopefully you can use the safer, more conservative method of creating a new instance of a calendar.

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I forgot to add, although I think it’s unlikely that a calendar event could somehow indefinitely persist in a page cache, it’s worth a try if you haven’t already.

Thank you for this report, now I know where the events are stored and how this works technically. You’re right that the same event name didn’t cause this problem.

For me it is too risky to delete events from the database. So I have to choose between a new calendar or live with these ‘Event name cancelled!’ -events.

I did a little more testing and have a suggestion that might make creating a new calendar easier.

If you create a new instance of a calendar before deleting the old one, you will have the option of left clicking an existing event, selecting Duplicate, and choosing the new calendar.

If you duplicate everything you want and leave out what you don’t, hopefully you’ll end up with properly functioning new calendar without having to manually recreate all the events.


This saves a lot of work! Didn’t know about this option, thanks a lot.