Removing case sensitivity for URL


Ten days ago, I asked my web host to move 2 of my one-page websites to another URL, to become sub-directories of another domain name. The web host is unable to successfully move the websites. While each website was moved, the new URLs are case-sensitive, so that only one unique combination of upper and lower case letters goes to the websites. My web host’s technical staff is unable to remove the case sensitivity, and refuses to “outsource”, to get a ConcreteCMS expert to help them. I joined that web host 5 years ago when they were publicly advertising that they were providing web hosting for ConcreteCMS websites. Since then, that web host no longer focuses on providing ConcreteCMS services. I am now searching for another low-cost web host, but I am also trying to discover how to remove case sensitivity for the URL. My other websites have no case sensitivity, and I can type any combination of upper and lower case letters, and go to the website. The URLs of 2 sub-directory websites, that were moved from other domain names, have case sensitivity, meaning that “A” and “a” are not the same thing. I am eager to get wise advice. Thanks for helping me. I greatly appreciate you.

If hosted on a Linux server, files and directories are case sensitive. A URL’s ./sub-directory/File.html and ./sub-directory/file.html would be two different files.

If you have access to your domain DNS settings, you should be able to redirect your domain to your the desired location. Search your domain registrar for DNS domain redirect settings. Domain URL’s aren’t case sensitive, example:, end up at the same location.

Case sensitivity can usually also be addressed at the web server. Most web hosting administration settings have an option to point domains and sub-domains, which is a user friendly way of editing the .htaccess file at the root of the site(s). The .htaccess file can be directly edited, but I don’t find the syntax very user friendly, and if you get it wrong can break the whole site.

Hi. Who is responsible for URL case sensitivity, me or my web host?

I have never before had a problem with URL case sensitivity. None of my other websites, whether at a domain name or at a sub-directory of a domain name, are URL case sensitive. I asked my web host to move 2 one-page websites to another URL, and they created each new URL to be case sensitive, and they refuse to fix it, to make each new URL case insensitive. The web host insists that it is my responsibility to get a ConcreteCMS developer to fix it. They claim that they only do web hosting, and that I am asking them to be web developers. I disagree, and feel that URL case sensitivity is the responsibility of the web host.

If it’s a Linux server, the operating system is what it is and has always been case sensitive, you just haven’t encountered a problem with it till now.

Given the information you’ve provided, I’d probably side with the web host. “Low-cost web hosts” (probably shared hosting) usually give you basic and limited control over a Linux web server. It’s generally up to the user to determine whether that will give them sufficient control over the hosting environment and whether they have the server administration knowledge required to fix or reconfigure things to suit their needs.

Most basic hosting I’ve used gives you access to some administrative tools (control panel) that can help you resolve something like this on your own.

There have been some previous ConcreteCMS forum discussions on case sensitivity. If you want to resolve the problem using ConcreteCMS, perhaps it will give you some additional hints on how it may be done.

Thanks very much for helping.

The problem was solved with the help of Alex A. He said:

Sub-domains & domains are inherently not case sensitive however, directories are case sensitive. For example: = Nothing here is case sensitive so any combination would work. = Nothing here is case sensitive so any combination would work. = The directory part of the URL structure is case sensitive and this can’t be changed.

Essentially if you want your websites to be stored in folders/directory ( then it would be case sensitive and no, there is nothing we can do to assist you with that. If you wanted your website to be stored in a sub-domain ( then we likely can assist you with that. Finally, if you have a root domain for each website ( we likely can assist you with that.

In other words, the only time it’ll be case sensitive is if your website is stored in directories as that is how the web servers and browsers work together.