Reset installation

Is there a way to reset an installation, and clean out old themes etc? I have tried a couple of themes and now I am seeing multiple elements from these themes on the pages, uninstalling them does not work either.

Or will I need to just create a new db and re-install C5?

You can use the CLI c5:reset command

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hi john

Many thanks for the quick reply and info

*Edit - Do I open the console from with Concrete5 or Plesk?

Read the info in the link that John posted because running the reset command will drop all tables in your database, you will have to re-install from scratch.

You need a shell command line, such as SSH. This usually has the same login credentials as SFTP.

Depending on your host, you may also be able to open a ‘terminal’ with plesk and run the CLI command from there.

As @ConcreteOwl notes, be sure you really want to reset to an empty site.