[RESOLVED] Page froze while editing -- website completely offline now

I was editing a new page, specifically the SEO Attributes. I opened a second tab and logged in in order to see how I had things listed on a similar page. After I closed that second window and proceeded to APPROVE CHANGES, the page got stuck loading. And now, the website won’t connect. At all. On any browser or device. I’ve had others try on their devices and nothing.
Where could the breakdown be?

I am not sure what has happened here but what you could do is go into the sitemap and click on the page and go to version. Then put it back a version. Hopefully that should fix the issue.

The problem was the site wouldn’t connect at all, as if the domain was dead. So there was no going to the sitemap.

Update tho: I had tried sudo apachectl restart numerous times to no avail. But, I just stopped and restarted the VM Instance and then did an apachectl restart and now it works again