Restricted members only area

Hav an old user trying to sign in to members only area. She could not sign in, and when she requested a new password, was informed her account is inactive. I have searched and cannot find any list of “inactive” members. I tried signing her up using her email address and got “already in use” but the email address does not who up in any search using all or part of her email address. I can only see “active” members. Where do I find inactive to either reactivate or delete her records and get her a new account? using ver. 8.5.7, php 7.3.3 as could not upgrade to v 9 due to add on errors and also errors when using php 7.4.x or php 8.x

I resolved the issue. in table Users, I had to reset both ulsActive and ulsValidated to “1” which reactivated the account.

To see the unactivated users you can go to the Members dashboard page, then click the “Advanced” link


Next, choose “Activated” → “Inactive Users”: