Revert composer installation to standard

I’ve seen some DIY walkthroughs regarding converting a ConcreteCMS install to a Composer style installation. However, is there a way to do the opposite, meaning to go from a composer based Concrete5 install to a standard one?

Here was the DIY I mentioned: Convert to a Composer based concrete5 installation

Thanks in advance for any insight the community can provide!

I’d say the only meaningful difference between a composer based setup and a standard one, is that with a standard one you’re using a vendor folder with versions of libraries specifically dialled in for a release.

So really all you’d do is replace the vendor directory in /concrete with the one from a release zip that matches the version of Concrete you’re running.

If you’ve installed a version other than a release, i.e. a development version or particular commit, then you’re better off just leaving things as they are, and maybe upgrading to the next release when it’s made available.

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Hey Mesuva,
Thanks so much for the response. I did end up getting to the bottom of it yesterday by performing the steps you outlined. (with some extra things to fix on my end) I so appreciate the help as it was my first time dealing with a Composer setup in the wild.