Rich Text Editor not showing additional options

Recently installed 9.1.1 and enabled a number of options in the settings for the Rich Text Editor (spellcheck, links, colors, many more), but the editor still has the same original options, and none of what I chose appears. Am I missing something, or have others experienced this same thing? I have all caches turned off and in a private browser.

VM313:19 [CKEDITOR] Error code: editor-plugin-conflict. {plugin: ‘image’, replacedWith: ‘image2’}

window.CKEDITOR.window.CKEDITOR.dom.CKEDITOR.warn @ VM313:19

… and it refers me to the URL Error Code Reference - CKEditor 4 Documentation

I attempted to remove the “image” plugin from concrete/js/ckeditor/config.js with " config.removePlugins = ‘image’;", but that did nothing. I then unselected all image plugins from the setting, and I no longer received console errors and the other features were enabled.

Followup: The problem seems to def be plugin conflict between “image” and “image2”. There are a number of other people with this same problem it seems (based on search results). If I select only one image plugin, either “image” or “enhanced image”, but not both, it works. Perhaps these 2 options should be mutually exclusive?