S3 Storage Add-on is now maintained by Macareux Digital (former concrete5 Japan, Inc.)

Hi everyone,

I would like to drop a line that we, Macareux Digital took over Mnkras’ S3 Storage add-on.

Mnkras is now focusing on his new venture and has less time to maintain the add-on.

We, Macareux Digital, have been using his S3 Storage add-on a lot for our clients’ mission critical projects.

Thus, it’s important for us to maintain S3 Storage add-on.

Actually, we’d already been sending patches to Mnkras whenever it stopped working.
So we proposed Mnkras, and he gave us the permission to take over.

We will, of course, provide add-on support as well.

Currently, S3 Storage Add-on on marketplace doesn’t support V9.

But we’ve already made it work and using it for our corporate site

We will be updating S3 Storage Add-on sooner or later.
But we don’t know when.

Please drop us a line if you need V9 version of S3 Storage add-on sooner.

We are working all of our clients’ projects to V9 which we are upgrading all of our add-ons.
So we are working everything simultaneously.



Great news! The corporate site looks nice and is speedy.

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