Salesforce Integration

Does anyone know if there are any add-ons that will integrate well with Salesforce for lead generation?

I don’t think there is anything in the marketplace that is explicitly ‘Salesforce’.

At its simplest, you could use Salesforce to generate an embed code for your lead form. Then do one of:

  • Paste the embed code into an html block (use my Safe HTML template)
  • Separate html and javascript from the embed code and paste into a script block
  • Build a trivial block that accepts the key parameters of the embed code.

If you need a tighter integration between Concrete and SalesForce data, for example, keeping form records in both or integrating with workflows, then you would need to code one of SalesForce’s many and overlapping APIs.

Thanks for the tips, John. I’ll certainly look at your Safe HTML template, you’ve always had pretty good apps. :+1:

I’m going to be working at building a new site for my brother’s business and it isn’t a top priority, but thought I would start looking into it and developing a plan. Got to get the site up and running first :smile: