Scalability for Large Number of Pages

I was wondering if anyone has created a site with a large number of pages (~ 100,000) in the site tree. Were there any performance considerations around this? Do page list blocks still load reasonably quickly?

In this case there would be a large number of pages created from an external source of data and each item would get its own page so the user would not be creating these pages through the interface.

Thanks for any insight.

It works, but don’t let an autonav try and index deep into that many pages. Usually simplest to use nested manual nav for the main navigation. Templates are compatible with autonav. Nestable Manual Nav - Concrete CMS

For page lists, not so much of a problem. But again, don’t try and index too deep below the parent of the page list. A single level page list will not be significantly slowed as long as you pagenate. Also beware of a page list checking permissions. As long as your pages all have the same general access, ‘ignore permissions’ is a good setting.

If you have multiple versions of pages, my Extreme Clean addon has a ‘Massive Mode’ that facilitates cleaning sites of such size. Extreme Clean - Concrete CMS

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Hi John,

Thanks for the response and insight and tips - I’ll certainly checkout the packages if we end up moving forward with this.

Thanks again!

Yeah, I’ve built a site on Concrete with thousands of pages and it is super fast. I’ve used Litespeed Cache to store HTML snapshots of the page and reduce loading time. I had to make a few adjustments to the site to make this work - any member login was loaded using Javascript, and editing the site is done on an “admin” subdomain (like this guide from Made Simple Media): Run Litespeed Cache with Concrete5 - Made Simple Media