Schedule times for blocks to appear on page

Hi there

This seems like a simple thing to ask but i can’t find the answer, so any help would be appreciated.

I am building a page for our client on their existing site, through out September they want a new block to appear each day (the blocks will either be a video or a bit of text etc) - as if it’s updated daily with new info etc.

So I thought instead of manually updating the page each day, i could build the page in one go but set timing permissions on the blocks so they appear gradually over the month rather than all in one go.

I can see in the past there was an option to Schedule Guest Access, so you could set a time that the block would appear to guest users but i can’t see that option any more.

If anyone has any guidance on how i can do this that would be great.

Many thanks

You will need advanced permissions.
You can then set permission atb the block level with start/end times.