Scheduled posts don't show in filtered page lists in version 9

Hi, after upgrading to version 9 (9.2.7) the scheduled posts don’t show up in page lists which filter by Featured Only once they’ve been published. They did show up in version 8. If I publish a post immediately, and mark it as featured it will render in featured page lists.

Scheduled posts do show up in unfiltered page lists however.

I’ve noticed that if a post is scheduled and is featured, it doesn’t get added to the CollectionSearchIndexAttributes table, so scheduled posts’ attributes are not indexed for some reason, even after they’ve been published.

edit: Seems this is a known issue, and a package has been added to mitigate it. I will try it out and see if it works for me Attribute indexes are not updated when publishing on a schedule. · Issue #11844 · concretecms/concretecms · GitHub

The linked package works (after enabling scheduling and adding the cron job). However this should really be fixed in core, especially as it worked in previous versions of concrete cms.