Scrolling text box


Am using Achillea theme and wanted to add a scrolling text box but cannot find such a block? I have a clean install without Elemental.

Here’s some examples how you can do it. Would make for a nifty block in the marketplace for sure!

Hi Enlil - thanks for the quick response

I think I may have worded this wrong - I am looking for a text box with a vertical scrollbar - I see there is a scrollbox code on that site however so I will give that a try :slight_smile:

To clarify, you would adapt the code @enlil references as an alternate block template for a content block.

Thank you John

Have never built blocks before so I will give it a try!

You don’t need to build a block. Just an alternate block template for the content block. Look for ‘Block Templates’ in the documentation.

Aha! Many thanks for the tip - will report back on success or otherwise :slight_smile: