Search function no longer works

In Concrete 9 our search function no longer shows results no matter what we type in. It just refreshes the page I am on. It worked in the past but for some reason it stopped working. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

Couple of things to check:

is the search block set to post the results to another URL (the search results page)?

have you tried rebuilding the search index (dashboard → system & settings → automation → reindex content)?

do you have a custom template on the search block on the search results page which may not be displaying the results?

are there any errors showing up in the logs?

Hopefully one of these does the trick!

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+1 for @triplei 's mention of reindexing - sometimes if your changes to content don’t directly cause the page the content shows up on to publish or trigger an obvious reindex event, it won’t get reindexed in search. For instance, if you change content in a stack, all the pages where that stack appears might not get reindexed for searching because there hasn’t been an obvious page publish event on those pages themselves to trigger a reindexing of them.